The ease and ability to pass stool is a privilege many may not appreciate until they experience difficulty with this everyday simple but vital part of human existence. Several times when people experience constipation, that is the inability to easily pass stool, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to hospital, or use lubricants like paraffin oil, or get laxatives like Ducolax. There is nothing bad in getting help through medicine, but some people like to try to use food to fix their problems.

It is common knowledge that consumption of foods high in fiber and roughages are a great solution to constant constipation. But instead of writing a very long list of food that can help solve the issues of constipation, I am going to highlight a very simple solution.

Garden egg is the winner in this contest. It is true that garden egg may not be something everyone would like to consume, but it can always be combined with any food. Even if the food would normally make you constipate, combining it with garden egg would ease the passing of stool.

To even make it better, boil the garden egg, blend it and eat it alongside your food. You can even use the garden egg to prepare a garden egg sauce which can be used to eat yam, plantain and rice.

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