It is natural to consider soap meant for washing fit for washing every item, but the truth is that years of research has lead to formulation of special soap for specific needs. There are soaps for laundry, soaps for dish-washing, soap for bathing, detergent for carwash and even soap for pet. But in emergency situations, we use soaps meant for one purpose for another. While it may not be hygienic to use soap that is not “food-safe” to wash plates and cutleries due to the possibility of particles that may be left behind which could end up in the stomach, some persons often think it is entirely safe to use a bathing soap to wash garments.

There are two specific reasons why using a bathing soap to wash a garment is a bad idea:

  1. Bathing Soap is Mild and may not be strong enough to clean your garment as you would want. Because your fabric is less sensitive than your skin, soaps and detergents formulated for garments are supposed to be stronger. When you use a mild soap or detergent meant for the skin for your garment, your garment will end up not being as clean as it should be.
  2. Most bathing soap are more expensive than laundry soap. Using a soap that is more expensive while there are cheaper ones meant for laundry which can do a better job does not make economic sense. Using a bathing soap to wash clothes could triple your laundry budget and that does not make sense.

If you are in a position where you feel that detergent would be too strong on you clothes and might end up fading the colours, kindly invest in a better detergent or find a laundry soap rather than use a bathing soap to clean garments. Now do not fail to share this post with people who are in the habit of using bathing soap to wash garments. They end up not getting as clean as they should be while spending more money. Help spread it.

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