7: Sharing must be made easy

- Tips For Blogging

We are in a world where viral stuff become internet sensations. How do you think stuff go viral? It is by activities of others who share them. Your content can never be shared if you don’t make sharing easy. Upworthy and Nova are good examples of sharing made easy blogs!
Never ignore any platform. Integrating sharing tools such as Addthis.com will make sure your users can share your content to any social media platform they use. Addthis has lots of other features you might end up enjoying. They will even let you know when any of your content is receiving a traffic spike!
Include sharing buttons close to the end of content – that’s the ideal place to remind visitors to share.
Craft certain phrases that would make your visitors want to share. Examples are: Sharing is sexy! Sharing is Free! Don’t be stingy, share! Nothing as noble as sharing! If you enjoyed this, your friends on Facebook may need it! Please share this to help others!
You should come up with better pleas to make them share!
Sharing buttons can even be made to pop up. But don’t overdo this.