52: Give career tips and not just news that keep readers all day

- Tips For Blogging

Do you know that certain people wake up in the morning, take their phones and start browsing the internet, and they do that until sun set? Do you think people who do this, even if they will be on your blog all day, are doing well for themselves? Definitely not.
There are certain career posts that you can make and they will be a turning point for a certain reader who has nothing else to do other than browse the web all day. As someone who tells a story to several people, you have a power to convince certain people to follow a certain path, and you have a responsibility to advise them to be useful to themselves and the society, just as you are with your blog.
If your niche is about fashion, you can post opportunities in the fashion field such as learning to become a fashion designer, applying to modeling agencies, selling clothes on e-commerce websites etc. In as much as you need to market your blog and make money, you will record greater testimonies from helping your readers become useful to themselves and the society.
I was reading a blog the other day when I discovered Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This kind of tip could be the U-turn for that internet savvy fan who has no way to make money on the internet. You can go ahead and Google that “FBA”. The killer tip is to import from Aliexpress, ship to Amazon warehouse direct and sell at twice the price of purchase. There are many cheap unbranded China products that you can even sell x3 of the cost price and it would still be cheap in the US.