5: Your name or brand should be well crafted

- Tips For Blogging

Have you seen those blogs whose names can’t be pronounced? Some make a mistake like and if you have done, just let the domain name expire and never renew again. Some names can be crafted to fit the niche. Simply looking at PerezHilton.com or AshleyMadison.com (the latter is not a blog) would make one want to visit the websites. Those who have made a mistake with naming would even give excuses of how their names aren’t as appealing as the ones above.
Perez Hilton is a crafted name used by the blogger – that’s not his real name. Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. realized what a name Perez Hilton (a play on “Paris Hilton”) was and how appealing it would be to people in love with celebrity news, and went ahead to blog with it.
You may even combine words. A blog about health, lifestyle and fashion I recently helped a client setup is named LifeStabilizer.com
You may think better names have all been registered and parked by businesses, but that’s an illusion. Think of a great name after recognizing a niche you think you would thrive in.
Avoid a name that will limit you to a specific geographical location, unless your blog serves only the people of that area. For example, I would prefer to register the domain name KimKGossip.com to KimKGossipOnline.com or KimKGossipNY.com
Why would you attach online to a name when anything internet and blog is already online based. Many people make the mistake of attaching irrelevant words to a domain name. Avoid that! Those words include centre, update, online, blog, news (the last two forgivable at times) etc.
Make sure your domain name reflects your website title. Don’t register gossip.com and title your website My Gossip Centre! That could come as a subtitle though.