4: Traffic does not come from no where

- Tips For Blogging

Yes, several people believe that people will just find their website automatically as soon as they start publishing great content, without realizing that great content is not enough to be a blogger. Every blogger must be a great marketer too, unless your job is to create content or write or journalist.
A Journalist may not need to do anything more other than create content, but a blogger must drive traffic to the content created.
There are many sources that traffic could come from, and most of them require that money must be spent. This is the headache of most new bloggers. Newbie bloggers want to make money, but wouldn’t want to spend. That’s why you find many enjoying blogger and still using .blogspot.com domain. Not that they don’t have money for a domain name – many want to make sure they can make money first before they risk spending on a domain name.
And is that the kind of person you will talk to about driving traffic? Traffic does not come from nowhere, even when it is direct. Direct traffic is when someone types in your blog address in a browser and lands on your website.
Before someone other than you or the creator would do that, you must have made an effort to send the person your blog address through some sort of advertising or promotion or awareness creation.
Another source of traffic is referral, which could come from social media or other websites. But the best source of traffic is the search engine, which one can refer to as organic, in the sense that they are natural, based on the content you have on your website. We will look at all these later.