30: Avoid fake news or label rumor when not sure

- Tips For Blogging

When CNN report something, people tend to believe it more before even confirming. But when TMZ or MediaTakeOut says something, it is regarded as 80% fake news pending confirmation.
Do you know how many times Rihanna has gotten pregnant in the world of fake news? Do you know how many times Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have divorced? What of Kylie Jenner and Tyga? These blogs are a joke most of the time.
Do you wish to have credibility for whatever you report and still be able to drive traffic from whatever trends? Try to avoid fake news or label as “Rumor” if you must post them.
Rumor: Donald Trump is the US President according to latest election polls.
That headline, even though it looks like a joke, the first word will justify and give you some credibility. Goal.com does this all the time with their transfer news.
Humor: Rihanna is pregnant again, for the record 10th time, according to TMZ
How about that tweak? It’s humor and a mere joke, but you can use that to drive traffic. Humor me on what bloggers do for traffic.