3: Traffic is queen

- Tips For Blogging

Traffic is queen is not an exaggeration. In fact, Traffic should have been the king, but a blog is nothing without the content. Equally, a blog with content is nothing without traffic. The two are at the same level and mutually exclusive. Traffic and content make a good blog.
What is traffic? Traffic in the usual old term in terms of automobile is like the movement of vehicles on a road in a certain area. Think of that area as your blog or website. Then think of the vehicles as people browsing or surfing the internet. This gives us a simple straight-forward definition of traffic.
Traffic is the number of visitors on a certain website, and in our case blog, usually within a specific duration. Yes time matters in traffic. Someone got 1,000,000 visitors to a blog and just broke the news, but before I could scream it was followed up with – in the entire lifetime of the blog. A blog can get up to 100 visitors in a day, another up to 5000 in a day, another up to 50,000 in a day, but that’s not all that matters.
Traffic is also a measure of page views. A visitor can navigate across multiple pages in a blog while another will leave after consuming the content of a page. That’s where the term bounce rate comes in. A blog with lower bounce rate and fewer visitors could prove to be better than a blog with huge visitors and an extreme bounce rate, sometimes.
A blog with 500 visitors a day and lower bounce rate could end up having 2000 page views that same day while another with 900 visitors a day with higher bounce rate could end up seeing just 1000 page views.
We will look at how to keep visitors later on.