29: Offer giveaways to keep them coming back

- Tips For Blogging

A post gets an average of 50 comments on a certain blog, and that’s high. One day, the blogger decided to create a post thus:
January Giveaway
I made so much progress last year and would like to give back to this community. You guys have been so helpful. I want to share $1,000 to 5 readers. Each lucky reader will get $200. Please comment with your email address or phone number and you will be reached if you win.
The winners would be:
1st Comment
55th Comment
201st Comment
700th Comment
1000th Comment
This blog that receives an average of 50 comments per post in its lifetime received about 2000 comments on this post in less than 15 hours.
There is power in giveaways. People love to receive, and it must not be cash money! I won’t say more.