28: Keep in touch with your audience, but watch it

- Tips For Blogging

Once in a while, try to take part in the comment section. When someone writes a comment, take some time out to respond to the comment. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responds to comments on his posts. Why not you? You are too busy? You don’t want to mingle with them? I laugh in Latin.
You are not a robot and your readers know that. The best you can do to keep them returning and even establish a relationship with them is to keep in touch through comments. Assuming you have been monitoring a specific user named Mike who comments all the time and suddenly Mike stops commenting. If Mike happens to return after a week or month to comment, respond with “Hey Mike, longest time. How are you doing?” You will discover that Mike will be pleased with the fact that you have been taking note of his contribution and that you missed him while he was away.
Avoid countering their opinions on sensitive matters. If Angela commented on how Kanye West should be stoned because of what he said about Amber Rose, simply use an emoji to respond. You don’t have to say anything to that. You may choose to ignore too.
Avoid getting into arguments with your readers. A single response is enough per person per post. Any more follow up has a potential of turning into a disaster.