25: Never ignore professional advice and service

- Tips For Blogging

You find people with no experience of the internet setting up blogs themselves, installing loads of plugins, designing logo, choosing layout and what not? They are master of all trades, and believe they are saving costs.
The truth is that unprofessionalism speaks for itself just as professionalism does too. Simply visiting a mediocre blog, even with the right content will piss some off. A logo is enough to even make people close the tab they just opened to read an important article. Start patronizing professionals. Fiverr is an example of a place to get professionals.
Some people involve professionals right from choosing a domain name, choosing a hosting provider, choosing the right platform, and choosing a marketing strategy. Others ignore this and take the journey on their own. It could be to save cost but think about the cost that would be saved on the long run.
A professional will know what database to backup before doing a major upgrade but a mediocre blogger will make changes that will crash the entire blog, and then end up deleting the database hoping to roll back changes. This in turn deletes the entire blog and forcing the blogger out of business.
Yes, that’s how some bloggers go out of business, and it’s sad.