24: Avoid spamming

- Tips For Blogging

Frustration from traffic can lead one to try several options, including gathering emails, joining forums and pasting links to blog pages everywhere. Have you ever been in a forum where the topic is about Tech gadget, and then one marketer joins and suddenly starts posting about how Kim Kardashian has broken the internet and torn it apart with her naked and butt pictures? Or about how El-Chapo, the Mexican drug lord escaped prison for a record third time? These are perfect examples of spamming.
Another form of spamming is by sending marketing emails to people who didn’t subscribe to your content, and still not even giving them a way out. Some people can be that heartless to tag even a priest on a Facebook post about how Kim Kardashian’s sextape was played at Wiz Khalifa’s concert in Brazil. Avoid tagging people that would be uninterested in what you post on Facebook. Tagging should only be done when you are sure the person would be very interested in the content you shared.
In fact, spamming is a crime if you do not know, depending on where you are. The least you can do is post on your Facebook timeline and let your friends who are not interested start to unfollow your posts. But avoid tagging people in posts that wouldn’t be of interest to them. Instead, create a Facebook page or Group on your niche and start posting there. You will be surprised that people who value your content will start joining your community and help you fulfill your traffic goals.