23: Pay for safe traffic when necessary

- Tips For Blogging

Do you know that people create computer programs to surf a website and some analytics tool will record the page views? Yes, people create programs to send traffic to websites and you may find nothing wrong with this as long as you earn through page views or impressions. Well, ask yourself if you will find satisfaction in writing and believing people came to read your content, but in truth, only computer programs landed on the page. It is even worse for the advertisers on your page who don’t get value for their money.
There are legitimate ways to seek and purchase real traffic and drive them to a website. While doing this, make sure the traffic comes from people who are interested in the content of the page and on the niche. These are what I would refer to as safe traffic. Don’t force people to visit your blog by redirecting them from an external source.
You can purchase safe traffic from forums, Facebook Pages and Facebook groups. Just make sure they are coming with the knowledge of what the page is all about. Don’t promise to Get them a Free Visa to the US and then land them on a page talking about women health.