21: Twitter promotion and Hashtags

- Tips For Blogging

Often ignored in some quarters but if Twitter can drive traffic to a website based on trending hashtags, why can’t it drive traffic when you promote on the platform. Twitter, even with declining earnings and struggling growth, is still the leader in micro blogging, and can fetch any blogger traffic in thousands.
We have talked about Trending Hashtags and how they can inspire you to write great content. Now is the time to tweet your post, and make sure you attach the hashtag.
“I appeal to Boko Haram to Please #BringBackOurGirls goog.hl/A3eYtm”
Since so many other people are viewing popular tweets in that trend, you might just end up getting retweeted and liked and getting thousands of traffic to your blog.
For promotion on Twitter, businesses go as far as paying for a hashtag to trend. You can also pay for a tweet to get seen and for your account to appear as sponsored, urging people to follow you. All these can be achieved for a low budget of up to $0.01 per engagement.
Because advertising on Twitter can be expensive some times, never let Twitter automatically set your CPC or CPM for you. Set what you are willing to pay and relax. When the budget of those bidding for higher CPC gets exhausted, they will fall back to your low budget. This is assured because the traffic on Twitter is likely more than the number of businesses willing to advertise on the platform.
You can always monitor your campaign on ads.twitter.com