2: Content is king

- Tips For Blogging

So many people go into blogging not knowing what is required of them. As a blogger, you are to create content. What is content then? Content can be anything. It can be an article, it can be a story – a fictional one for that matter, it can be a piece of advice, it can be a picture, and it can be a video.
Content is endless. Even a tweet can end up becoming the content. If you noticed, some authors of the blogs you read can just screen grab or screen capture a tweet, a Facebook post and write about it.
You may be walking on the road and witness an event, take a photo and write about that. A video can also be shot of events and uploaded to become part of the content.
Content is not date of post, author, number of readers/page views etc. Content is usually made up of two things: A title and the content body. The body can be just a picture, write-up, a video or a combination.
One thing to take note of is that your content must always blend to your niche. Write about things your readers care about because they are in your blog because of the niche you have chosen.
To build a good followership, you must post content that blend to the theme and niche.