19: Invest to be seen and discovered

- Tips For Blogging

You have struggled to make sure people read your posts, but you still see many of your posts receiving very few impressions and no engagements – you are not alone. Many newbie bloggers get into this trap, usually because they didn’t see the need to invest to be seen.
As already said, traffic does not come from nowhere; you must be willing to spend money initially. Spending to drive traffic is not something you just do to drive traffic in the short term and earn from Adsense, you have to have a long term plan. Your plan should be in such a way that even if you stop investing, the traffic generated from previous investments would become self-sustaining.
If you found out that for every 5000 visits you get, you earn $20, your goal might quickly be to make money instead of exposing your brand. If you focus on exposing your brand with these 5000 visits, you may stand a chance to make $10 monthly when they return, without spending more on traffic. But if you focus on making money, you may earn $20 after spending $15 to drive traffic of 5000 hits to your page.
Your plan to drive traffic that guarantees return depends on what you advertise and where you advertise. We will look at Facebook and Twitter promotions.