18: Never give up when no one responds

- Tips For Blogging

There would be many times when you actually ask for people’s opinion and you get no single feedback. This is no reason to believe that no one reads your blog. Understand that people are too busy and there are lots of content put in their face to consume daily. Apart from that, people tend to ignore the importance of giving feedback when they have not seen any evidence that others gave feedback, especially on non-established blogs. But you find them struggling to be the First to Comment on popular blogs. That’s the way the world was wired.
If you can have any post whose major goal is to get feedback and you didn’t get any feedback in 2 weeks, try republishing or unpublishing it; that’s if that bothers you anyway.
But never assume no one saw the content because no one responded to it. I will show you how to find out if anyone actually saw the content later.