17: Reddit can be good, as well as other forums

- Tips For Blogging

The front page of the internet, as it is referred to, Reddit.com is another place where internet sensations start. Any post that makes it to the front page of Reddit is enough to inspire you to write great content.
Posts get to the front page from the rate at which it is upvoted within a certain period of time. Posts on Reddit could be in the form of photos, videos or just text. The comment section is just another thing. Many bloggers just capture these and add their own opinion to create a beautiful content for their visitors.
Depending on your niche, you can choose a particular subreddit and still be able to find great content to elaborate on, and create nice content.
Apart from Reddit, there are other forums where content can originate from, depending on which specific niche and location your blog serve. For Nigerians, never ignore Nairaland.com, for the United States, it’s still Reddit. There are others too.