16: Make use of Twitter Trending Hashtags

- Tips For Blogging

One of the most popular radar for detecting what event is heating up the internet is the Twitter Trends. When many people tweet with similar Hashtags and words within a short time, Twitter detects and groups these into trends.
Who knew what it was all about? No one knew until we clicked on the Hashtag. So many persons tweeted with this hashtag when Boko Haram abducted about 270 girls from Chibok school and held them inside the Sambisa forest.
Donald Trump
Whenever people see this in trends, they assume he has said something controversial. I personally admire Donald J. Trump as a business man, but not as a politician.
People new to Twitter often find it difficult to understand what these trends do. But I have answered the question above. Apart from telling you what is currently heating up the internet, Twitter trends can inspire great content. Try and take advantage of it today.