15: Events and seasons can inspire content

- Tips For Blogging

In the field of blogging, content is king as earlier mentioned. You will notice how some specific contents will draw traffic more than the others usually within a certain time. If you write about fashion and have written about winter clothes, there is a high probability that people will read the winter clothes article much more during the winter than in the summer.
If you write about agriculture, farming or gardening, there are seasons when planting is done, and that’s when visitors would likely read what you post about planting.
Some events such as World Cup, Olympics and Celebrity Beef can inspire great content. Take for example the recent war started on Twitter by Kanye West when Wiz Khalifa wrote about KK. This inspired a lot of blog posts. Bloggers gain immense traffic from these kinds of events. Or was it when Kim Kardashian broke the internet?
You must be able to monitor events and follow seasonal changes and let those inspire you to create great content. That’s what blogging is all about – giving updates and not just writing feature articles. We will talks about feature articles later on.