14: Don’t expect to get rich overnight

- Tips For Blogging

We find people go into blogging with very high expectations, and these people often meet the opposite and give up. 90% of bloggers would probably give up before making $100 from the Adsense program. The 90% is just a guess, not an actual research statistics, but you may find out that more than that 90% actually give up when a real research is carried out.
The truth about blogging is that most people who made it big were those with willingness to keep pushing even without profit. Most of these were hobbyist bloggers who didn’t even expect to earn a dime.
But because these popular bloggers like John Chow, Perez Hilton and Linda Ikeji have gotten extremely rich, so many enthusiasts get into the business with hope to get rich overnight. If you are one of those, you are living in illusion.
How can you suddenly get into this blogosphere and capture millions of traffic? Well, unless you have the money already to push into advertising, or you have been in the business of blogging. But as a newbie, it is impossible.
The best advice to a newbie blogger is to not expect any income from blogging for the first year of blogging. You may actually make money before the year runs out, but it is safer not to expect money. Within this time, focus on building huge followership, content and traffic. If you play your games well, you will soon get past this stage, and then start growing.
When you eventually start making money, never expect your income to grow forever. You will hit a stage when your income becomes static, fixated around a certain range. This is the stage when the intelligence of running a business is needed. You will really need to invest at this stage to grow further. We will discuss that later.