13: Learn to keep visitors

- Tips For Blogging

Keeping visitors on a website is an art that must be mastered. We have seen what bounce rate means in the traffic section. High Bounce rate is a menace to most bloggers. They spend a lot to drive traffic and still can’t maintain traffic when they stop paying.
To leverage on new visitors, you must find a way to keep them engaged, and force them to try new pages. Please note that the more you keep them engaged, the less likely they are to click on an advert in the short term, but on the long term, they may return severally to click on several adverts or give you earnings through page views.
You can keep visitors from leaving by making sure that you encourage them to use the comment section.
You can keep them from leaving by making sure that there is a related content box just below the content. Some people go as far as monetizing the related part. Even Google Adsense has a related plugin that can help increase user engagement, but decrease your earnings as earlier mentioned.
You can also try and show pop ups when a reader gets to a certain area of the page, usually around the comment box. Inside the pop up, highlight other great content that you have.
It must not be related content; it could be trending or most popular content on your site. WordPress has a plugin called Popular Post plugin. Blogger has that too.
Use them to reduce bounce rate and keep users engaged. But if your content is poor, the visitor may still be discouraged from trying more. So maintain a quality content archive and then use these tips to reduce bounce rate.