12: AdSense is the best Ad Network, but not the only paying Ad Network

- Tips For Blogging

Google being a reputable company collects advertisements from businesses through the Adwords program and display those ads to publisher websites through the Adsense program. That’s how it works. But just as they don’t accept all adverts, they don’t accept all publishers. Getting an Adsense account has even become a business in the black market. People go as far as to pay others to hand over their Adsense accounts because of the hassle they have to go through with the verification process.
I will show you the best and hassle-free way to get an Adsense account. It is as simple as creating a blog with a quality design and layout. Do everything this book already suggested by choosing a niche and creating original content. Make sure your content does not exist elsewhere including pictures. You must have between 50-100 high quality and unique content on your blog. Submit your blog to Google.com/webmaster to make sure you get crawled. Monitor your traffic and make sure you are getting at least 100 unique visitors per day. Use Facebook to promote if you have no source of organic traffic.
Apply to Google Adsense and you will be accepted in a matter of days, taking note of their policy and making sure your blog does not violate any of those. If you have been blacklisted for any reason or you weren’t accepted, there are many alternatives.
Clicksor.com, Content.ad, Quadabra.com, Addynamo etc. Just Google Adsense alternatives and you will see loads of them. They will pay you, but not as much as Adsense. With time, you can even get to accept advertisements directly, or try affiliate marketing. You can write about Amazon products in your niche, attach a product or category code or link and earn some commissions when you refer buyers to the e-commerce site.