11: Make it a business by monetizing

- Tips For Blogging

A blog is a hubby for some people and a means of income for others. In fact, majority are now going into blogging because of the ostensive lifestyle they see bloggers living. Bloggers like Perez Hilton and Linda Ikeji are multi millionaires, if not billionaires yet. There is no crime in hoping to get money from a blog, but many people make it the number one focus and forget to create content.
To make money from a blog, you have to monetize it. Monetization is actually the process of including sponsored contents otherwise known as advertising. Certain companies can pay for you to write about them, and offer some form of compensation at the end. You can also put up banners that link to specific websites, and make money from the people you refer.
Some even make money from posting online surveys and polls on their website. Others make big money from replacing their background picture with the logo of certain companies, usually Heineken and Telecom giants.
But the surest way to earn money online is through Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per view Advertising (PPV). Because to make money with these popular systems you either need views or clicks on some adverts, traffic becomes very important.
The Google Adsense program is an advertising service that lets bloggers and website owners monetize their content by pasting codes that show adverts according to your page’s content (contextual) or visitor’s interest (interest based). It is stress free, and that makes it the best.