1: You must have a niche

- Tips For Blogging

Welcome to the world of blogging. Every blog must have a niche and your niche has a lot to do with how successful you are going to be in your new field. A niche is like a specialized category, topic or field your blog talks about. Think about a market where only vehicle parts are sold – that’s their niche. Think about another market where only sporting equipments are sold – that’s another niche.
Now let us put niche in perspective. If you love football, then I’m sure Goal.com is a place you read sports news all the time. Football is the niche of Goal.com, not even the entire sports. Your niche, depending on how people tend to develop interest in it could span across several categories or just within a category or just a single sub-category.
Blogs like ESPN and Super Sports handle everything sports. But Goal.com post only about football which is a sub-category of sports.
Your Niche must be about something you love, something you know a lot about, something you are willing to research about, something you can learn more about, and something you think people would love to follow. Think about Horse races as a niche. But you may end up appealing to only a few. Think about fashion, celebrity gossip and trends as a niche.
Blogs like Mediatakeout.com and TMZ.com have perfected the art of celebrity gossip. But they mostly focus on celebrities in the US and UK. Why not think about your own country? Perez Hilton is also a good example of a celebrity blog. Think about Health, Insurance, Tax matters, movies etc. There are endless niches you can take advantage of today.
Choose a Niche and start working on your blog now.