88: Done is better than Perfect

- Tips For Blogging

There are times when we want an article to be as brilliant and sharp as something coming out from the mouth of the most inspirational speaker in this world. How do you measure how sharp and brilliant something is? It could be subjective. There’s a saying I learnt from someone who has worked at Facebook: “Done is better than Perfect.”
A perfect idea that has not been implemented is still of no use. A mediocre idea that has been implemented is better than that perfect idea, until the perfect idea is tested. That’s the origin. Programmers can come up with initial versions of scripts that are dirty. But with time, they will brush it up until it becomes perfect. A writer can also do that.
When you have an idea to write about, start typing at once. When you think it’s good to be published, not better or best, publish at once. If you have other ideas about that same article, you can edit and update. That’s how you should roll.