86. Backup once in a while

- Tips For Blogging

This is one serious and very important, and evens the most important section – Backup. When we talked about Traffic and Content and made them king and queen, ability to retain a backup should be made prince, and then monetization the princess. A blog without a backup is like a business without insurance. You are living in fool’s paradise, even if you are on Blogger.
The reason why backup is so important is not just in the event of server failure, it could also be helpful in the event of hack. A hacker can get into a Blogger account and delete everything in there – every single post. I can’t give a reason for this, but people are weird.
As server can also fail, and the server’s backup could also fail. If that happens to your WordPress blog, what would you fall back on? A plugin or theme or an upgrade is even enough to mess up your database. You really need to backup every month or two.
The things to backup in a WordPress blog are mostly database and media files. Anything else can be recreated. In the case of blogger, you may just export an XML file that holds your data and a link to your files.
When you backup, you should keep the backup files in a secure place. You can try a separate external hard disk, Drop box or any other file host that is safe. Also, the backup files should be named according to the date they were generated on. Backup gives you insurance and the job is the premium you have to pay.