71: Use Facebook groups and girl profiles to drive traffic

- Tips For Blogging

I shouldn’t be advising you to do this, but it is better than trying to spam people. There are other ways to drive traffic without hacking into people’s account. Many hack other people’s account on Facebook and post raunchy stuff. That’s a crime!
There are a lot of men on Facebook that will like anything that comes from a female profile. If you are a pretty female, count yourself lucky. If not, find a very pretty photo and use it to create a Facebook account. Please don’t use this account for anything else other than driving traffic to a legitimate blog.
Add few people as friends and you will find lots of men, and even women, sending you friend requests. As long as you keep accepting, it wouldn’t take a week to get to 5000 friends. Others will follow you (they won’t be friend with you but can see what you post publicly on their timeline.) This could give you access to about 1000 page views a day. Some create several profiles and use Twitterfeed to post to them all at once. This is a blackhat method of driving traffic.
Anything else you do with the Facebook account is at your own risk, as Police could arrest you for impersonating.
As for Facebook group, just create a group and add people. The surest way to add is through a pretty female profile. Most men tend to be calm when this happens. But women might start asking questions. Do not post too often on the group. Twice a day is ok, until it grows to around 100,000 members.