43: Do not copy and paste. Rewrite or seek permission

- Tips For Blogging

You find many bloggers copying and pasting exactly what is on other websites, without permission. Even though this practice is frowned upon, people still do it, including popular blogs that serve as role models in certain countries.
There are many ways you can write your own version of particular news. As a blogger, I do not mean that you should run down to Syria and get the original photos and conduct the interview – that’s for journalists. But you have a responsibility to not paste exactly what another site published, starting from titles and content and photos. Unfortunately, you find people do this.
There is this popular WordPress plugin called RSS post importer. People use it to import content from other WordPress or Blogger websites through RSS feeds. This isn’t a good idea. Even when you use the plugin to import content, don’t publish it without editing.
Editing starts from the title. Change the title by reading the content. There are many other headlines you can make from the content. Also paraphrase the content and use quotes to show areas you copied verbatim. Give proper attribution like “according to CNN”. Yeah, that helps.
It is also a good idea to write whoever you are copying from to obtain permission before publishing on your own blog. This will even save you from getting banned by Adsense, if you use the program.