37: Do guest posts or sponsored posts

- Tips For Blogging

All the content on your blog must not be from you. You may decide to post for people and charge them or even do a cross-partnership where you exchange articles and link back to the author’s website. This could help enlarge networks, increase search engine ranking and fetch some visitors.
Sponsored posts can also be a major means of income. You can even do a post about a particular product or service, put an affiliate link on the post and make money each time it converts. You can do that with web hosting platforms, domain name registrars, Amazon products, traffic providers like MaxVisit etc.
Please think about quality while doing this and don’t overdo it. Take at most one sponsored or guest post after every five (5) posts from you. That 5:1 ratio is the minimum you should be able to accept. Anything above that is excessive and might piss off your readers.