35: Know what your readers expect from search

- Tips For Blogging

If you have checked the Google analytics tool, then you will notice that you can actually track what your readers expect from you. It is important that every blog must have a search field to aid in content discovery. This search field does not only help your visitors, it equally helps you.
You can setup Google Analytics to help track what people search for on your site by going to Admin and view settings. Enable search tracking and include a search parameter. The best parameter is usually the letter “q” so that searches are appended in the url of your blog as follows:
In a typical WordPress site, the search parameter is the letter “s”.
The + you see is a special character that stands for space. Read up on url encoding to clear any confusion about this. You may also need a professional to help you set this up. To monitor what people search for on your site, just go to Google Analytics, Click on Behaviour and then browse to Search Terms.
You will see people searching for things your website should actually have dedicated pages on, but maybe you didn’t remember to write about them. Never ignore the importance of getting writing tips from the searches.