34: Use Google Analytics to monitor progress

- Tips For Blogging

Never ignore the importance of metrics. These will help you understand if really you are making progress or not. Jay Z once said that people may lie, “but numbers never lie.”
Google has a very important analytics tool and a good academy for you to learn how to use them. Google the words “Google analytics academy” to get started.
With Google Analytics, you can watch how your visitors interact with your blog pages, set goals and see how those goals are converting. You can use the realtime tab to see the number of visitors currently on your blog, where they are from, who referred them, what platform they are on any several other details.
You can also use the tool to monitor page views, sessions and users. A user counts as a device on this analytics platform. If I visit your blog with a mobile phone and then return again from a computer, this counts as two different users. A session is like a group of page views from a particular user within a short period of time. A session usually expires after around 20-30 minutes of inactivity. A user can contribute to more than one session when he or she returns to your blog severally within a day. As per page views, this counts as the number of pages opened by any visitor irrespective of whether the user or session has been on the page before. There is also a unique page views metric where only the first visit on a page from a user per session is counted. Others hits on that same page are ignored.
There are lots more you can learn with the analytics tool and we will treat some in detail later.