26: Let a web designer give you the best layout

- Tips For Blogging

Because you are using WordPress does not give you the authority to make choice of a theme you like. It’s not just about what you like but what would help you achieve business goals. Website layout or theme in the case of WordPress can say a lot about what your goals are.
If you include Ads in sidebars or above the fold, it might mean you want visitors to see the Ads more and get to read the content. Those are actually not the best place for clicks, to increase CTR.
To increase CTR, you have to embed Ads within content or at the end of content. Most visitors to a website would click on adverts just after reading the article or consuming any content on the page. But you find out that a lot other actions compete for space just under the content. These are comments, sharing buttons, email newsletter subscription and then the advert. You have to prioritize thus:
Embed Ads before the last paragraph, add sharing button immediately after the content, include another Ads, add the comment box, and then one more Ads. This is the perfect way to position all three Adsense for Content Ads on a page for the best CTR.
If you have no sidebars, then probably you want a non-distractive reading. If you include related after the content, then you are reducing the probability of a visitor taking one of the following actions: Click an ads, share the content or add comment.
Some would even remove other distraction and attach only Ads at the end of the content, to make sure CTR is high. You will learn more about CTR and CPC later.