99: Categorize Content unless your Niche isn’t vast

- Tips For Blogging

You need to sort your content according to sub categories in your niche. Even in football, you will some categories like Transfer News, Goals, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League. There is no niche that can’t be sub-divided. You will only combine them if you are too lazy to split.
Separating or categorizing your content can attract more readers, and sooner or later, you will start noticing that your fans are in factions. Assuming your blog is about health, you can have male health, female health, etc. If you do this, you will notice specific people commenting and sharing articles and news only on a particular category.
Categorizing shows your ability to keep things in order. Creating categories might be a mind-boggling task since many categories will be needed to make a blog complete, and yet you will find many categories almost similar. The easiest way to solve this problem of having similar categories is to combine those categories into one.
Fashion and Modeling, Food and Nutrition, News and Events etc.
As per having so many categories, your niche will determine the basic ones needed, then you can combine others into a category for everything named General, Odd, All, Others or More.
If you will find it difficult to update several categories, please stick to 2 or 3 categories or drop categories.