98: Expect to get SEO requests from Indian Based Web Companies

- Tips For Blogging

In case you start getting lots of requests about how your blog could be made to stay on the first page of Google for specific keywords in your niche, don’t ever get startled up that maybe something is not right about your blog and now people are seeing it. Indian web based SEO companies, as they call themselves, send a lot of Spam emails to website and blog owners daily, marketing SEO with lots of promises.
If you really need that, you can pay them to deliver their services, but don’t think it’s a big deal. The SEO tips I already taught you are what they will still do for you, except this time they may include backlinks which could raise a red flag from search engine.
When you start getting lots of those emails, simply send them to the spam folder or delete, unless you do need their services. But you will get them, as long as your email is on the contact page.