97: Know in detail who most of your readers are

- Tips For Blogging

You can actually track a lot of data about your audience if you want to. The tool is in Google Analytics. Knowing some details about your audience can help with what they need. Using Google Analytics Audience Overview can show you the country of residence and city, and even Telecommunication networks most of your readers use.
You can see the screen size of majority of your visitors. Think about what you can achieve with this data. Assuming most of your visitors record a screen width larger than 800 pixels, it means that most of them visit with tablets and computers and advertising programs that run on computers could be a good business, but when data show that majority use screen less than 500 pixels in width, then majority use mobile, and advertising mobile products would be good business.
Country can also be important when deciding what to promote to them and what language to use. Assuming majority of your visitors are from India but you have been posting about celebrities in the UK, what does this tell you? It is possible they are genuinely interested in UK celebrities, but you can mix this up with Indian celebrities and it would make sense.
You can even use Facebook Insight to know about fans on your Facebook page. You can see their age-range, gender and countries. Never ignore the importance of monitoring your data.