95: Program yourself to post with mobile in busy times

- Tips For Blogging

You must be a blogger everywhere you go, and it is by taking advantage of the power of mobile devices that you can achieve that. We have gotten to a stage where the computing power of mobile devices gets better every day. You should learn to take advantage of some dedicated software for blogging.
Wordpress users can actually update their blog through a mobile using a browser, but there is a dedicated Android Application meant for that. This Android Application for WordPress could offer better computing power on mobile device, at least better than the mobile web browser interface.
Blogger also has a dedicated Android application that can be taken advantage of by Blogger.com users. This also offers better solution more than the web browser interface on mobile devices.
It is understandable if you cannot write a lengthy post via a mobile device. If you ever want to write a lengthy post, then you should use a computer. One major goal of using mobile devices to blog is to catch up with breaking news and break them too. As soon as CNN breaks a news, and you read that while in a bus, you can quickly do a short post on that news with a mobile device. Remember to attach “More details later” and of course “according to CNN” if that news came from CNN.