92: Don’t tell readers what you earn

- Tips For Blogging

Among your readers lie those looking for an opportunity to devour you – believe it or not.
One thing you should avoid doing is revealing how much you make every month to your readers. Apart from the security implications on your life and in your business, you may just end up making readers hate your personality.
It is enough to say that the month has been good, or that the year has been good, but not that you made $7,500 this month with Adsense. They will take it you’re boasting to them. Celebrities do that a lot though.
Adsense, according to their policy, even prohibits bloggers from publishing details of their earnings. You may end up losing your Adsense account if you do this.
As per security, you never know who knows where you live and where you bank and who can get access to your banking details, depending on how security conscious you are. But if you are security conscious, then you shouldn’t be the guy or babe posting how much he or she earns on the internet. You can end up making yourself a victim of theft, because you attracted the thieves.