89: You can do an eBook when you have much to say, and make money with it

- Tips For Blogging

Sometimes you can have an idea that is too much as a blog post. Yes you can divide them into multiple pages or multiple blog post, as series. But you can also compile them all into an ebook, just like the guide you are reading right now. There are a lot of ebook market places on the internet where you can sell the books and make some money.
BarnesandNobles.com etc.
Ebook makes reading easier for your site visitors. They can buy the ebook and read offline, whereas they can’t read across multiple pages on your blog without saving multiple pages.
Make sure whatever you make an ebook offers value worth more than any single page on the internet. Your ebook should offer a value such that if you decide to make each tip a blog post, up to 20 valuable posts will be made available.