87: Get inspirations by getting away from your tools

- Tips For Blogging

Blogging requires writing and to write requires one to be creative. There are times when Writer’s Block will take over. At times like this, all you need to do is to get away from the tools you use for work such as laptop, phone, writing materials and even television. Just take a walk to the park with nothing. There’s nothing as relaxing for a blogger as that, but that’s the best way to equip your brain with new things to write about.
Let the cool breeze surround you, the falling leaves from the trees rain on you, and the aura of the flowers take your mind away from your immediate world. When your mind is away from your immediate world, then you can think outside your immediate world.
When new things start popping into your mind, ignore them. At this stage, you will feel the urge to rush back and start typing. You don’t need to show your brain how desperate you are with those new ideas. Relax and you will see how desperate several ideas in your head will get, competing to be the first to be written about. At this stage, your writer’s block will no longer find a reason to be around you – it’ll head to the next block.
Take your time. The aim is to let your brain relax. If possible, sleep or just forget about every worry. Get back to your computer after several hours and start jotting down all the new ideas. Elaborate on them later on.