85. Avoid sending readers away from your site, unless it makes $en$e

- Tips For Blogging

Your traffic is your money. Several things can make sense, but not everything can make money sense. But one thing you must know is that anytime you send visitors out of your site, it must make you money.
Kylie Jenner just posted a photo on Instagram. You screen grabbed the photo, posted it on your blog and then you put a link back to the original Instagram post asking your readers to check out the original photo there. It doesn’t make money sense, unless Kylie Jenner paid you to send traffic to her Instagram photo.
It is good to link to a source of a news article, but mind how you do that and make sure the link opens in a new tab, also known as blank target. Don’t make the entire paragraph a link, just where you mentioned the name of the source. Example is: According to CNN, Donald Trump was in New York today to commission… You see how only the CNN is linked. Only the colour shows that. Avoid making links bold, unless you actually want people to click on it. Ad for you to want them to click on it, it must make money sense.
People can follow you on your social media accounts right from your blog. You don’t really need to send them away from your blog and into the social media because once they are done liking or following you, they will head up to see their notifications and they are gone from your website. Therefore, avoid linking to your social media account – use plugins that let them subscribe right from your blog instead.