84: When you find a hit post, do more of such and link

- Tips For Blogging

One good thing about blogging, especially in the niche of celebrity gossip is that stories develop, linger and spiral into even better stories. Think about Kim Kardashian breaking the internet. It might start as a normal story, but then you will find other celebrities reacting to the news, including the husband. If this kind of story could draw you huge traffic, then a follow up should be able to do more. Make sure they are all linked in such a way that after one is done reading any of the story, you point out a related story like: “See what Kanye has to say about his wife posing naked for Paper Magazine.”
One thing you must not do about a hit post is putting all of them on your home page or front page, because it might look like you have nothing else to post about. Imagine coming on your front page and 7 out of 10 articles right there are about a particular celebrity – Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner. What has this family done to you?
When you link up similar stories, make sure only the hottest is on your homepage. If you do have a sidebar for popular stories, it is cool for those similar stories to take over the top 10 if they are really that popular, but not your home page.
When you can’t find anything else to post to mix up with the hit stories on a particular celebrity, find a feature post, even if it’s from years ago.