83: Get ready to fast on a busy day

- Tips For Blogging

As a blogger, you may be inspired to write a post as early as 3 AM in the morning. After doing this, you will find yourself writing more until the break of day. You will find yourself browsing across several websites to find news articles to rewrite. You will in fact find yourself writing till midday, and that could even not be the end. It is possible for a blogger to stay put on the computer from early morning till evening, not thinking of what to eat or where to go.
A friend once joked about how people whose partners are bloggers don’t need to worry about being cheated on, because serious bloggers don’t even have time for themselves, talk more of cheating. Unless a blogger brushes his or her teeth before starting to work for the day, you may find out that the brushing would be postponed indefinitely, till maybe close to mid day or evening.
As a blogger, even if you can afford a lot of luxuries, don’t think you will live a luxurious life. Bloggers must be ready to fast. As a blogger, you must be trained to work for several hours without eating.
To help yourself with this lifestyle, always have fast food and junk in the fridge, to avoid developing stomach ulcers and other health complications as a result of constant fasting. But as a blogger, always be ready to fast on a busy day – and most days are busy.