82: You are in a competition with other bloggers in your niche

- Tips For Blogging

Whether you believe it or not, other bloggers in your niche and even those not in your niche would want to conquer you and take over your traffic sources. Most bloggers are ambitious and that’s a good thing – that’s why you see them attacking about any politician, celebrity, clergy etc. all in the name to drive traffic. It is difficult to find a blogger genuinely interested in helping another blogger, unless there is something in there for him or her.
As a blogger, you really need to be able to carry out research on your own, read about anything you can find about any issue and pay a web designer/developer to come to your aid whenever you need help. Never put all your hopes on another blogger unless he or she is someone you either trust so well or a very close relative.
Do you think CNN would help BBC when they are competing over the same audience? Or you believe YouTube would help Vimeo? You are a fool to think Yahoo! And Google are in good terms! The same applies to bloggers fighting for audience in the same niche.