80: You should know which page gives you the most money

- Tips For Blogging

Even though earnings shouldn’t bother you, but at least once or twice in a day, you should take a look at earnings. One bad thing about Google Adsense is that you don’t see the specific pages that make you money. But with good combination of Google Analytics and Google Adsense, you will be able to see that.
Start by linking the Google Analytics Property to your Google Adsense account. When that has happened, give it 24 hours to start showing data. Remember to take a look at the Google Analytics Academy if you have issues doing this.
To see which pages are making you the most money, browse to Behaviour, then Publisher, and then click on Overview. Overview will show you a summary of earnings over the selected period, and then show other data such as RPM, CPC, CTR etc.
Click on Publisher Pages to see how much each page generated. Some pages will keep generating money years after they have been created. Feature posts are good at this. That’s why you should do more of that to support your blog when there is no viral story.
You can even see Publisher referrals, to see where those who clicked on your Ads came from.
If you can find how much each page made for you, then you can compare if your promotion of specific content was worth it. If you boost a post for $10 and the post makes you $10, it’s bad business. You need profit. You already know how to check if you made profit on the micro level rather than comparing your entire earnings. If you compare the entire earnings to what you spent on a certain day, some parts of the earnings may actually be returns from investments you made years ago.