78: Develop a good typing skill to save time

- Tips For Blogging

Do you know that a good typing skill can save half a day for you, half a week and half a year, and in fact give you more time to relax and rest for the sake of your health? If you doubt the benefit of good typing skill, take a trip to a popular business centre where students prepare project materials. Compare the amount of money fast typists make with what slow typists make.
If you have poor typing skills, you may spend 30 minutes preparing and formatting a post while another blogger spent just 7 minutes to do the same. The result is that a breaking news you discovered before a fast typist will be published on the fast typist’s site before you get your own ready. The fast typist will enjoy more spare times.
You must not go to a computer school to learn to type fast; software like the Mavis Beacon will be there to guide you.