76. Ignore earnings sometimes and just post

- Tips For Blogging

As an Adsense blogger, you will be inclined to check your earnings several times a day, getting motivated when you are close to your target, and getting depressed when you are unable to reach your target. The low earnings may likely affect post quality, although for some others, it might turn to a motivation factor.
There are others who simply stop writing when they have reached their earning targets. After all, planet earth is blue and there is nothing left to do. Indeed, there are characters in this world.
If as a blogger you can learn to ignore earnings and just work, you may notice that your passion would no longer be driven by earnings. The result is an ever-improving quality in posts irrespective of what’s happening in the bank.
Bloggers often forget that they aren’t writing for Adsense but human beings, and should only be worried when people don’t respond to their content. The only time you should really get worried is when people fail to consume your content. As long as the traffic keeps coming and increasing, you have great potential to monetize your content in the future. Remember that content is king and traffic queen.
Stop looking at RPM while others are busy creating good content.