74: You Must Know SEO

- Tips For Blogging

SEO simply means search engine optimization. With a good knowledge of SEO, search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing etc.) will put a link to your website up for people searching with related keywords. For almost any important keyword, there are thousands to millions of other websites that compete to rank on the first page of popular search engines.
Why should your own content be shown first? Were you the first to write about that keyword, or would you be the last? You simply have no claim to a first page unless you do your SEO well.
Your title must be filled with the most important keyword in the content. If you are writing about how leather bags are produced in Kenya, make sure the keywords “leather, bag, Kenya” are mentioned in your titled. In fact, you may decide to use what someone will likely search on Google. Example could be:
“Where to find leather bag manufacturers in Kenya.”
With a good work on the title, make sure they are nested within a <h1> tag. Here comes HTML again. Most themes would do this for you. Any other sub heading must be in <h2> tags as too many <h1> on the same page could cause confusion about what the true title is.
Even when writing, use other related words and make them bold. For example, you can write:
Have you been wondering where to find leather bags in Kenya? Your search is over. Factory A is a leather bag manufacturer in Kenya and they are the best.
That’s the secret of SEO. Then make sure Google crawls your content through the Google Webmaster tool. You can fetch any page as Google and then submit it to index. Your content could be on Google search just a few minutes after writing it with these steps.