68: Submit to Google news

- Tips For Blogging

Google News at news.google.com has become one of the best news feed. Some people end up there because it curates news from various sources and groups them according to categories and locations. If your blog is not on Google News, then you are probably missing out on the huge traffic hub.
Even when you search for some breaking news on Google, the blogs that exist on the Google News platform tend to appear on top. But submitting to Google news is not an easy process.
If you are a lone blogger, then maybe this isn’t for you. If you copy people’s content, Google news may not be for you. The same applies to blogs whose content aren’t exactly news on their niches. If you write about web development in your blog, and that’s what the blog is all about, you are not eligible.
Only few will find it helpful, but the requirements are huge. You need to have a dedicated page where all the editors or journalists are listed. You also need to have a privacy policy, contact page with full address and phone, and then of course categorize your content. We will talk about content categories later on.