67: AdWords could be good for business

- Tips For Blogging

Have you ever searched for something on Google only to find some search results with “Ads” inscription? These are sponsored content. People pay for their adverts to be shown on Google search results.
Is there a word or phrase you would like your website address to rank very high in when people search for them? That can be done through the Google Adwords program, and it is not free.
Assuming you want your blog to be shown when someone types “Lifestyle blogger in New York”, all you need to do is target that keyword through Adwords and place a budget. You can set the maximum amount you are willing to pay or let Google do that for you automatically, but note that rates could go high sometimes and you might end up exhausting your daily budget in one click.
Google Adwords program is good for some businesses, especially when people search for the words linked to those businesses on Google all the time. Please note that Adwords is not the only way to appear on Google search results; there are organic methods which we shall treat later.